New Years Teas

Looking for a quick healthful pick me up and want to try something different? Are you familiar with Yerba Mate? Every morning millions of people begin their day by brewing up a cup of tea or coffee, but in some parts of the world they start it with Yerba Mate. Click to see more!

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Coffee is not a bit part player in our range of fine things. 

We value quality and excellence in Coffee every bit as much as we do in Tea. That is why we are careful about how the coffee is treated on its journey to you.
We have a choice of exquisite classic and flavored coffees, all from suppliers who bake in small batches to ensure freshness. 

The grain size, time and manner of smoking and certified origin - are just some of the features of our coffees. 

In our offer you will find beans from the best plantations in Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Kenya, Colombia, India, Jamaica.
Flavored coffee is produced exclusively from Arabica beans. Very original combined flavour compositions are already exciting customers that have been been lucky enough to visit our shop and buy some.

We focus on high quality products and we value customer satisfaction.

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