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Chocolate Orange Flavour Coffeenews
Sao Bento Brazil
Origin and Plantation:

Our newest coffee speciality “São Bento” comes from the Southeast Brazilian state Minas Gerais, from a plantation close to the City of Carmo de Paranaiba. The flavour-intensive Arabica varietal Yellow Cat
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Brazil Fazenda Lagoa Coffeenews
Brazil Fazenda Lagoa
The famous coffee growing region "Sul de Minas" is located in the heart of the state Minas Gerais with its long mountain ranges, many small lakes and mineral-bearing soil. It was here, where the first plantations were founded m
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Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffeenews
Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffee
The India Monsoon Malabar is a coffee with an exceptional body and with very little acidity. Slightly sweet aromas round off the full flavour wonderfully. The region Malabar lies at the southern most point of India, north to th
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Assam Dejoo Stgfop1news
Assam Dejoo STGFOP1
Dejoo estate is one of the famous in Assam. The tea is a lovely mix of long regular tea leaves and golden tips which give a beautiful amber coloured brew. First taste gves you the flavour of oriental sppices with a note of swee
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