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  Classic Black Teas
Ceylon Dimbula Ceylon Dimbula
Ceylon Dimbula
One of the oldest and most famous Ceylon teas, the Dimbula produces some of the strongest flavours, due to the monsoon rains that drench the region each year. Strong and malty, the Dimbula is perfect with or without milk.
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Assam Dagapur Sftgfo Assam Dagapur Sftgfo
Assam Dagapur SFTFOP1
The Assam Dagapur tea is a prime example of classic Indian Assam tea. Dark brown leaves brew deep, rich, red and are known for their nutty notes that can be intensified with longer brewing. Perfect for all tea drinkers!
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Assam Halmari Gtgfop Assam Halmari Gtgfop
Assam Halmari Gtgfop1
A unique delicacy from the plantation of Halmari, located in central Assam. The Assam Halmari Gtgfop is a scented brew with a burgundy-golden colour, and gives an expressive molasses flavour.

A hint of malt and a spicy touch a
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Ruanda Rukeri Op Ruanda Rukeri Op
Ruanda Rukeri Op
An interesting example of African Tea from the Rukeri village in Rwanda. It is one of the few African Teas that is produced using traditional orthodox methods.

The Rwanda Rukeri is a golden-maroon brew with a pleasant spicy n
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