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This will not only vanquish weariness, but will revitalise all who drink it.

This Ayurvedic Tea has lovely warming ginger, cardamon, sage and black pepper with a hint of mint. Damiana is in the mix too, helping boost stamina. Drink with hot water or with milk as is more common in Asia.

Note : Excessive consumption of liquorice root is not good for those who have high blood pressure.

Allergy Information, Contains: Celeriac.

Contains: Cinnamon, fennel, ginger, rosemary leaves, peppermint, cardamon, carob, CELERIAC, damiana leaves, liquorice root, sage leaves, black pepper, cloves and sarsaparilla root.

Brewing instructions: Brewing Temp 95C Optimal Brewing Time 5 – 8 Min


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