Cherry Gin Sencha - It's Tea


Cherry Gin Sencha is a blend of green and white teas with the ddition of the right herbs, fruits and botanicals to recreate the joy of a cherry gin, without any of the alcohol.

The mild notes of cherry and juniper peep through the thyme and coriander which add a refreshing light feel to the flavour.  Each note comes through delicately and at the own time! A perfectly balanced blend a must try for all gin lovers. We think this would be perfect served chilled on a hot day with a couple of ice cubes.

Contains: Green tea, apple pieces, white tea, flavouring, juniper berries, sour cherries, thyme, freeze-dried sour cherry drops (apple puree concentrate, sour cherry powder, coconut milk), liquorice root, coriander, rose petals.

Brewing Instructions:

Brewing temperature: 75 – 85c

Brewing time: 3 minutes.


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