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China Mountain Mist Wu Lu is a captivating Chinese green tea. Aromatic, flavourful with floral and fresh notes.

China Mountain Mist Wu Lu is named so because it is grown at  height in the mists of breezy Chinese mountains. Cooler air and good quality soil coupled with care and expert picking have helped develop a beautifully full and nuanced cup of green tea.

The leaves themselves are a dark shade of green and twisty in appearance. The tightly curled leaves give a magnificent golden yellow coloured liquor with a velvety texture on the palate. The flavour is light as you would expect from a green tea but with vegetal notes of magnolia and hints of magnolia, it has a sweetness and a clean finish.

China Mountain Mist Wulu is a delightful green tea for those who are just discovering and exploring green teas and the who are familiar with it alike!



Green Tea


Brewing instructions:


Temp 75-80C


Optimal Brewing Time 3 – 5 Min


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