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Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is a famous coffee amongst coffee lovers for several reasons. The Blue Mountain region of Jamaica  has  ideal growing conditions for high quality highland Arabica coffee.  Grown at an altitude of over 700 meters, the coffee plants grow considerably slower and need approximately 10 months to reach maturity. This allows the beans to develop flavour and nuances.  When ripe the beans are carefully hand picked and processed, this is a coffee created with time and love.

Most of the production is exported to Japan where it is common to offer Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee to coffee lovers as a gift on New Year´s Day, this makes it a somewhat scarce coffee in the rest of the world.

Jamaican Blue Mountain is coffee is an experience to be savoured…  It has a soft, slightly sweet aroma paired with a mild acidity and an intense, clear nutty taste. And a low caffeine content – only 0,7% – nothing compares!

Strength: 2.5

Intensity: 1

Body: 2

Contains: Arabica Coffee