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The Japan Gyokuro Asahi is defined by experts as the best tea in the world, beautiful grass like dark green leaves have a pungent smell & a hint of sweetness with a fresh, delicate & balanced flavour. Revitalising & energising.

Japan Gyokuro Asahi (Precious Dew) green tea is Japan’s finest most highly prized tea.

The leaves are hand picked from the bush and carefully rolled to take on the shape of pine needles.

The tea plants are covered with bamboo mats some two/three weeks before harvest time to filter out sunlight, encouraging chlorophyll production which produces a wonderfully sweet tea.

Gyokuro is usually brewed in a Japanese Kyushu style teapot and served in cups with no handle.


Green tea

Brewing instructions:

Brewing Temp 75-85C

Optimal Brewing Time 1 – 2 Min


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