Nepal Guranse Floral First Flush - It's Tea


A highly aromatic and enjoyable top quality hand rolled tea handrolled tea from Nepal.

Nepal Guranse Floral First Flush is such an amazing tea which we are excited to share with you. From the Guranse tea estate in the Dhankuta district of Nepal. Guranse is known for producing top quality teas, and indeed the ones we have had from them before have always been impeccable.

This particular tea is picked in the Spring, from mid April to the end of May. The tea is carefully rolled by hand and only slightly oxidised. Although this is a black tea you can see the leaves appear quite green and silvery.

When brewed the colour of the liqour is a stunning golden colour with clarity. The leaves open with brewing to reveal how full they are. These leaves can brewed several times and we would recommend it.

The taste is heavenly, and is very layered. Mild yet full, flowery, sweet and there is a slight dryness to the finish. We have been enjoying this tea greatly and cant wait for our tea loving customers to try it!

Contains; Black tea leaves

Brewing time: 3 – 5 minutes

Brewing temperature: 95c


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