Plum Nougat Rooibos - It's Tea


Plum Nougat Rooibos is as delicious as the name suggests!

Plum nougat Rooibos, a Rooibos base with the flavour of freshly baked plums, nuts and chocolate nougat. Creamy, dreamy, fruity, indulgent and caffeine free… what more could you ask for. Rooibos provides a nice strong backdrop for the other flavours while still allowing them to shine through. A great way to get your sweet fix without loading up on sugar.

Allergy information : Contains almonds and hazelnuts

Contains: Rooibos tea, cocoa peel, sliced almonds, brittle pieces (sugar, hazelnuts, invert sugar), apricot kernels, flavouring, freeze-dried pieces of plum.

Brewing Instructions:

Brewing temperature 95c

Brewing time 3 – 5 mins


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