Sikkim Temi TGFOP1 Second Flush - It's Tea


Sikkim Temi TGFOP1 Second Flush is a tea with lots of character and interesting notes. Grown in the north eastern Indian state of Sikkim, bordering on Nepal, in the Temi tea garden. Temi has been producing high quality teas for centuries. They are known for their high quality teas and production is fairly small so we were happy to be able to source and share this tea with you.

This is a second flush black tea, meaning it is picked in the second wave of yearly tea harvests. The tea presents beautifully with small curled leaves , you can see the silvery tippy leaves in there. Once brewed Sikkim Temi reveals its character, with floral notes and hints of spicey earthyness.

A beautiful tea that is a must try if you enjoy fine black teas with interesting notes.

Contains: Black tea leaves.

Brewing information:

Brewing temperature: 95c

Brewing time 3 – 5 mins


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