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Stormy weather is a mix of herbs, blended to help with cold weather and chesty colds in mind.

Mullein has long been used as an expectorant to vanquish chesty colds. Ribwort which is another of the herbs included is a natural antihistamine. There are a host of other healthful herbs in this mix too.

Strawberry leaves, blackberry leaves, fennel and mint give this herbal tea an overall refreshing and natural sweetness that will entice the taste buds. After all, something that is good for you should be enjoyable too!

Contains:  Raspberry leaves, rose hip peel, aniseed, apple pieces, fennel, blackberry leaves, wild strawberry leaves, peppermint, marigold blossoms, ribwort, elderberry blossoms, melissa, sunflower blossoms, mullein blossoms, peony blossoms, flavouring.


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