Summer Flower Blend - It's Tea


Summer Flower Blend brings the best of Summer to you in one cup. Beautiful colours, refreshing flavour and warmth. The blend contains a host of flowers and blossoms such as heather, sunflower and cornflower petals, mountain everlast flowers, mallow blossoms and last but not certainly not least rose petals!

A pop of peppermint adds freshness while blackberry leaves and a tiny bit of liquorice add sweetness. A sprinkle of ginger pieces for warmth like summer sunshine and we have a herbal tea blend that is tasty, thirst quenching and perfectly pleasing. This is a caffeine free blend so a great one to enjoy at any time of day

Contains: ginger cubes (sugar, ginger, acidifying agent: citric acid), ginger pieces, apple pieces, apple cubes, rose hip peel, liquorice root, melissa leaves, peppermint, heather blossoms, mallow blossoms, cornflowers, mountain everlasting, rose petals.

Brewing temperature: 95c

Brewing time : 5 – 8 minutes


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