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Our Spicy Chai loose leaf black tea delivers a real hit of spice. Not for the faint hearted!.

Imagine yourself in a colourful and vibrant Indian Bazaar watching the comings and goings of the people.

Chai teas are associated with india but are now widely drunk all around the globe.

This tea can be drunk with our without milk or sugar.

You can add Milk Chocolate with your milk to give a satisfying Chai Milk Latte.

Also good to try with an English Cream Tea to cur through the sweetness.

Revel in the glory of aniseed, real cinnamon and ginger pieces, warming black peppercorns and spicy clove and chicory.


Black tea (37 %), aniseed, cinnamon pieces, ginger pieces, black peppercorns, cloves, chicory roots, flavouring.

Brewing instructions:

Brewing Temp 95C

Optimal Brewing Time 3 – 5 Min


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