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Peru Finca Rosenheim Decaf coffee is from the Jungle of Peru. The plantation is located at a height of around 1,600 m in the Amazon Mountains. These carfeully handpicked coffee cherries are sundried and processed actually on the farm. The coffee is then stored in parchment for at least three months in order to rest before being peeled and prepared for export.
The was decaffeination is done carefully using the CO² process. This way, it  retains its light spiciness and full-bodied flavour, simply without the caffeine.

The coffee itself is rich, chocolately and spicy, with some floral undernotes . We recommend this for anyone who wants the full delicious flavour of coffee but without the caffeine, a great option for after dinner.

Roasting: 3

Intensity: 2

Body: 3

Contains: Arabica beans